HEALTH & EMOTIONS: Break Addictions, Improve Weight/Health/Wellness, Managing Disease & Chronic Illness, Eliminating Unhealthy Anxiety, Managing and Releasing Depression/Anger, Self Esteem/Self Image.


RELATIONSHIPS: Dating, Finding True Love/Soul Mate, Heal Existing Relationship(s), Releasing Past Relationship Baggage, Identifying and Eliminating Negative Relationship Patterns and Tendencies, Forgiveness, Grief. 



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MONEY: Get Out of Debt, Break Impulse Spending, Attracting Money and Abundance, Healing Beliefs Concerning Money and Work.


WORK & CAREER: Finding Passion, Purpose and Motivation with Work/Career, Reducing Stress, Improve Work Relationships, Goal Setting, Career Changes.

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Your Greatest Self.


Through a combination of unique and proven applications of techniques, therapies, polished interpersonal and intuitive skills, working with me provides you with life long personal growth tools and methods that set you up for a lifetime of success.


A decade and 4,000 (and counting) successful transformational sessionsprovides my clients with rock-solid, visible positive results in virtually all areas of life including Relationships, Career, and all levels of Personal and Spiritual Development.








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Meet Ann Catherine, CHt



"Working with Ann Catherine was such a joy! I've been fortunate enough to get readings with her and experience her loving, caring, healing essence through hypnotherapy. I'm quite selective about the healing folks I hire. I will only work with those who are genuinely happy, living on purpose with a high vibration with the right intentions. This is why I chose to work with Ann Catherine. She's very intuitive, along with being a great listener. I love how she's able to tune in and directly help you address your blocks. I admire her for her dedication to her learning and growth, along with her desire to empower women. Ann Catherine is definitely someone who walks her talk. If you're looking to create deep, lasting changes in your life, I highly recommend working with Ann Catherine. I worked with her during a very difficult time in my life and the tools she provided really helped me to stay sane, balanced, and healthy on all levels." --Lisa Selow, Metro Detroit, Michigan Author, Speaker & Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach




"Ann Catherine was a joy to work with. I went to her in a newly Awakened state and she shed so much light for me, which has continued to be confirmed over the years. The past life regressions were very powerful and very clear. I have continued to find more information and confirmations on all of the lifetimes which were uncovered with her help. I not only received Rieki levels 1 and 2 but brought my daughter to receive level 1 from her since she is a natural healer. My son also benefitted from her energy healing. She even made him a very powerful guided meditation tape which I put on for him at bedtime which helped him with his reading and at school."-Connie in Ann Arbor